About Us

We are just a bunch of crazy cat lovers. We started this store because we struggled to find great/unique cat items. 

Pretty much every cat is quirky and odd. Cats quite frankly have such unique personalities from one another that we “cat people” find it hard not to treat them like tiny humans. They are gorgeous. You can’t deny this, even if they’re not your thing. Kittens are irresistible on every levels of cuteness. I dare you to meet a kitten in person and try not to smile. No human can resist that level of charm. Whether you love big cats, tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards, or smaller house cats, or maybe you are a person who wants to dress up as a cat - we have what you need.

People like us who obsess over cats – well our obsession is like an addiction with us. Cats to us are like chocolate to a chocoholic – a perfect way to get a quick and easy fix of happiness. Though luckily for us cat-o-holics, there’s no downside of weight gain.